Our Core Services

NSIT Solutions can improve the competitiveness of clients through a set of services that result in knowledge-intensive business solutions with appropriate manpower, strategic Consulting and skill enhancement programs. NS IT Solutions follows a rigid Professional Consulting Process to achieve this goal by providing services in the following area

Manpower Staffing

We focus on understanding each customer's unique staffing needs and meeting those needs. We utilize every resource, process and system to consistently exceed our customer's expectations. We provide staffing services in terms of direct hire, contracts and contract to hire needs of our Clients.

Strategic Consulting

We provide consulting services to help our clients improve their business process by reducing manual dependencies and automating some of their core business processes. We have worked with clients in over 30+ domain/industry sectors to provide our consulting services to grow their business in a cost-effective manner. We have onsite consultants who can drive your migration, implementation, product support and maintenance project initiatives.

Training and Skill Enhancement Programs

We provide excellent opportunity to enhance business process in various information technology fields. We have some of the best coaches and trainers in the industry in who can provide onsite training. We have a proven track records of conducting various Skill enhancement programs as per the Client Needs in different technology areas. We also guide our Clients and Consultants to face day to day challenges and give them the competitive edge required in today’s world for growth and success. We have the tools, infrastructure, certifications and instructors that can be customized according to client needs

BPO Services

we are readily engrossed in offering Business Process Outsourcing services to our clients. Executed by talented and well-informed experts, we guarantee that our services will timely execute in an effective way. Outsourcing business operations have become an essential element for many companies to meet the needs of their diverse and widely dispersed clients. Companies expect more today from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) than just traditional low-cost transaction processing. We are here to fill that gap by providing various BPO services.

Our Goal

We believe, true success manifests itself in meaningful relationships that propel achievement, encouragement and pride. We work to build a relationship with you that makes it possible for us to do whatever it takes to provide you with the best possible staffing needs. This approach to customer satisfaction makes us the professional services organization of choice for our customers.

We focus on understanding each customer's unique staffing needs and meeting those needs. We utilize every resource, process and system to consistently exceed our customer's expectations. Our strength is our commitment to earn your trust every day.

A relationship built on trust is a relationship that will last

We believe the entire system must be quality driven. It is how we run our company. We provide seamless execution and delivery of our services. Our team is top rate, it has been given the right training, provided a nurturing and creative environment and is managed in an objective, metric based system. Our Quality process is based on our holistic approach that starts at the top and ends with great service.

Service quality is a core value of NS IT Solutions

Maintaining the best possible relationships with our clients is derived from the following principals within our philosophy:

  • Address increasing changing needs of our clients through innovative programs and value-added services
  • Partnering with our clients to provide mutual benefits
  • Providing highest quality resources available in the market place
  • Treating our employees as our clients, thus leading satisfied consultants who performed at the highest level and provide quality services to our clients

About us

Business success for our clients, fueled by fresh information, sound insights, and the right cost effective solutions.